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WAV To MP3 is a Windows desktop WAV To MP3 converter application to fast and easily convert WAV audio To MP3 format.
$39.95 SCADUTA
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WAV To MP3 era disponibile come app gratuita il 09 ottobre 2011!

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Recover various data from computer and flash media drive/card.

WAV To MP3 è un convertitore per Windows per convertire file audio WAV in MP3 in maniera facile e veloce. Con WAV To MP3, gli utenti possono convertire musica WAV in MP3 con una manciata di click.

Inoltre, WAV To MP3 supporta la Modalità Batch che converte migliaia di file wav in MP3 contemporaneamente. WAV To MP3 supporta anche la conversione di file WAV in FLAC. Il formato FLAC ha dimensioni ridotte senza perdite di qualità.

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Requisiti di Sistema:

Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7





Dimensione File:

4.17 MB



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Developed by MPCSTAR
Developed by VSO Software
View the feedback from multiple IP cameras.
Edit multiple video files to create custom presentations.

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Sono in ritardo di un giorno: meno male! Ringrazio sempre GAOTD per i programmi che offre GRATUITAMENTE. Stavolta però concordo pienamente con chi ha postato prima di me. Offrire un sw utile che non si trovi in versione gratuita sarebbe molto meglio...

Rispondi   |   setiavessiaportatadipugno  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)

sinceramente faccio fatica a pensare che uno spenda 40 dollari (circa 30 euro) per acquistare un programma per convertire wav in mp3
usate super che converte mp3 mp4 mp2 avi ecc ecc. e costa 0 dollari
overo 0 euro pollice giùùùùùùùùùùùùù

Rispondi   |   Gianluca  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)

39.99 $ Per un programma che converte WAV in MP3 e FLAC che ci sono un a miriade di programma che convertono tutti i formati in qualsiasi altro formato gratuitamente ?

Rispondi   |   Francesco  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)

Rgazzi, non vedo l'ora che scadano le 24 ore in modo che possa spendere 40€ per acquistare un magnifico programma per convertire i miei file wav in mp3. Erano anni che aspettavo un programma con questa caratteristica unica nel suo genere e ora devo ricompensare in qualche modo gli sviluppatori...LOL

Rispondi   |   Ivan  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)

Per funzionare funziona, fà il suo dovere...peccato che esistano tantissimi convertitori gratuiti che hanno molte più funzioni in un unico pacchetto, come Format Factory ad esempio.

Rispondi   |   Dis  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)
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Perhaps the program can do what it says, but the bad news for the creators is that there are soooo many free converters, you'd really need to explain why one would normally pay $40 for such a limited tool, whereas Format Factory (and others) can do a wide range of converting, and is available free of charge.

Ken Masters  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+216)

Y'all have gotta be nuts.

WAV to MP3 has been free and simple in so many packages [CD-rippers, too many transcoding utilities to count- if you don't feel like using the codec more directly] for so many years [decades?] charging for it now is absurd at best. And FLAC, while newer, is just another codec.

just another registation skin wrapped around the basic sound libraries so many other freewares use- avcodec.dll,avformat.dll,avutil.dll, avcodec.lib.avformat.lib,avformat.lib...

no way.

goodgotd  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+150)

I'm sorry, but with literally hundreds of free alternatives that actually do more, how can anyone possibly justify $40 for this product? I think I'll stay with Format Factory. Thanks anyway GAOTD

jj  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+97)

I have been converting my music to MP3 for years. There are Many programs that can do this. You can do it with freeware Audacity and not long ago we had Sound Editor PRO on GOTD which is an excellent program. I has a bunch of features and I plan to buy a copy because the price was very reasonable. A program that does one thing only and cost $40 does not appeal to me. This is a good add on to another program.

umaxy  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+89)

The program actually converts a whole range of audio formats to other formats, not just WAV to MP3. The developer needs to change the title to reflect this. I'd also drop the price because there are several freeware audio converters such as:

QTFairUse for ITunes
Switch Audio file Converter
Freemake audio converter
YouTube to MP3 converter
MP3 Quality Modifier
Kastor Free MP3 M4A WMA converter
wma2wav decoder
Lame Front-End
Freestar AMR MP3 Converter
WMA MP3 Converter
Chameleon Audio Converter
M4a to MP3 Converter
All Converter to 3GP/GSM Phone
Wav to AC3 encoder
Eusing Free Youtube to MP3 Converter
RiverPast Wave@MP3
Mediacoder Audio Edition
FlicFlac Converter
BeeThink MusicHandle
Any Audio Converter
GermaniX Transcoder
RGB MusicLab
Kool Media Converter
AMR to MP3 Converter
OGG to MP3 Converter
CUE Tools
Shuangsoft WAV to MP3 Converter
Helium audio converter
Midi to Wav
Free Audio Converter
MEDA WMV/WMA/PM3 Converter
Koyote Free MP3 WMA Converter
Mobile AMR Converter

I'm not sure whether the coding I've used above for Format Factory and Audacity have worked in the list above so I've also posted the links with no coding below:



Format Factory:


There are loads of improvements that could be made to this software. I've added several suggestions to the Idea Informer above. Hopefully the developer with take action on some of them, otherwise I can't see this software surviving because there's too much competition, not only are there better freeware programs, but many other commercial iterations of this software are available for less money and are better equipped with more tools.

The program needs something special like the inclusion of a suite of software tools such as cutting tools, DVD burning and ripping software and possibly even other media format conversions such as video editing etc.

Whiterabbit-uk  –  12 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+86)

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