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Saola Animate 1.1.0 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Saola Animate 1.1.0

Il tool definitivo per creare animazioni e contenuti web interattivi in HTML5!
$99.00 SCADUTA
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Saola Animate 1.1.0 era disponibile come app gratuita il 28 settembre 2017!

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Saola Animate è un tool visivo avvincente per creare animazioni in HTML5 e contenuto web interattivo. Con funzioni eccezionali che danno uno slancio alla tua creatività: Auto-Keyframe, Sprite Sheet, Scene, Motion Path, Easing, SVG & shapes, Interactivity & Scripting... Non hai bisogno di essere un esperto di trasformazioni in CSS3 e JavaScript per creare animazioni web impressionanti in HTML5, hai solo bisogno di Saola Animate.

Nota bene: il programma comprende una licenza illimitata per 3 PC per Saola Animate, non sono inclusi importanti aggiornamenti!

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Requisiti di Sistema:

Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ (64-bit only)


Atomi Systems



Dimensione File:

70.8 MB



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Developed by PhotoInstrument
Developed by Mirillis Ltd.
Developed by Andrew Zhezherun
Developed by DesktopPaints

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Top English commenti

Did I read right?

Lifetime license AND for multiple installs??

It's like a flashback to the good old days of GAOTD!!

I love you and want to have your babies.

Thank you very much.

Noah Body  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+66)

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x86 32-bit and I downloaded and tried to install this and I get an error box proclaiming this is for a 64-bit operating system, why wasn't this included in the program description if it wasn't going to work for 32 bit systems, disappointed in this product !

haxer  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (-33)

haxer, you should read the system requirements before downloading:
System Requirements:
Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ (64-bit only)

Danny  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+37)

I'm using Windows 10 x86 32-bit This program wants x64 Thanks for nothing

Michael  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (-29)

Michael, Did you bother to check the system requirements which tell you the program is 64bit only?

See the image HERE


Heavy Water  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+15)

idea informer widget won't let me post ideas so here's one make an offline version that does not require an active internet connection to login to a 3rd party server when working on a private project offline.

TK  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+12)

Please tell me if It used Wrapper I will not download 70 MB of data. thanks

alireza  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (-12)

alireza, yes the wrapper is used with this giveaway, if you cannot get it to work on your system you could also try downloading the unwrapped installer from the vendors download page and following the activation process in the giveaway bundles readme.txt it *may* accept the giveaway license since the description implies the lifetime license may be valid for minor version updates by saying no major version updates included, therefore this installer should not be a special giveaway build, of course this suggestion comes with no garantees except it won't work on a 32-bit system.

TK  –  6 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+11)

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