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Internxt 20 GB free Giveaway

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Memorizzare i file in completa privacy.
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Internxt 20 GB free era disponibile come app gratuita il 07 maggio 2021!

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Un programma di utilità di correzione foto che può rimuovere gli oggetti indesiderati dalle fotografie.

  • Progettato per proteggere la vostra privacy.

  • I file caricati sono crittografati lato client e quindi frammentati in piccoli pezzi.
    Solo tu tieni la chiave di decrittazione che recupera i tuoi file frammentati.

  • I tuoi dati sono tuoi da condividere.

  • Servizi come Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Microsoft OneDrive e Apple iCloud hanno tutti il permesso di accedere ai tuoi dati.
    L'unità Internxt è dotata di crittografia a conoscenza zero, il che significa che solo tu puoi accedere ai tuoi file.

  • Sicuro. Privato. Semplice da usare.

  • Un'interfaccia funzionale e intuitiva con una varietà di diverse personalizzazioni e funzionalità, come la condivisione di file crittografati.

  • Disponibile su tutti i dispositivi.

  • I file che tieni al sicuro su Internxt Drive sono facili da raggiungere.
    Accedi ai tuoi file dalla nostra app desktop, dall'app browser Web e dalla nostra app iOS o Android.

  • Il tuo business nelle tue mani.

  • Internxt Drive for teams consente a te e al tuo team di archiviare i file in totale sicurezza, collaborare privatamente con altri membri e attivare o disattivare le funzionalità di amministrazione.

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    Any browser





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    20 GB/LIfetime



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    In realtà si ottengono solo 10GB gratuiti, anche senza il giveaway.

    Rispondi   |   Moreno Forlani  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+2)
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    Same remarks as Nektar and King-Kong.

    A long time ago, GATOD offered us 100 GB of free online storage for life through Zoolz.

    Then Zoolz offered me a lifetime package of about $30 for another 500GB. But they forgot that 100 GB + 500 GB = 600 GB, depriving me of my first offer.

    Later, free accounts saw the associated services decrease, without any warning, to the point of making Zoolz unusable for work.

    Finally, Zoolz decided to change its business model and eliminated free accounts and flat rate accounts. Without immediately reimbursing users.

    I also experienced the removal of free accounts with ADrive, another online storage provider.

    In short, I see this new service as a new trap in the medium term.

    So beware.


    Spontz  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+87)

    The problem with all those free "lifetime" storage offers is that after 1-2 years they change terms and ask for subscription if you want to continue using their service (they "discover" by that time that they need to cover servers expenses etc.), like it happened so many times with other companies.
    All right, they are good introductory offers nonetheless, just have in mind this for the future.

    Nektar  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+66)

    In the past I hade over 20 of these iCloud storages, all of my data has been lost due to consolidations between the providers, going out of business, changing of the policies, ending the trial period and or other made up stories by the providers, no more of these iCloud companies.
    I store my data on USB drives and keep them in a fire proof safes, problem solved.

    bob  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+50)

    Sounds like a nice little private storage "suite" at 20 GB. So....I created the account, and as the first, I'm told, I have used OGB of the 10GB, I have! Correct me, if I'm wrong, but the giveaway promise 20 GB. I just wonder, because I've done every step correct.

    Allan F  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+46)

    All went well until I tried to upload my music files. It kept telling me my folders were too big. It won't allow uploading of files larger than 1.2 gb, so uploading my music would be very labour intensive. And if you have any quality video files you might as well forget it.

    Marieah  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+42)

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