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Exiland Backup Standard 6.1 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Exiland Backup Standard 6.1

Proteggi i tuoi file importanti con i backup automatici!
$34.50 SCADUTA
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Exiland Backup Standard 6.1 era disponibile come app gratuita il 31 gennaio 2022!

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Fix broken videos to normal.

Exiland Backup è un software facile da usare che ti consente di eseguire backup automatici dei tuoi file importanti: documenti di lavoro, profili utente, immagini, progetti, file audio e così via. Il programma può salvare i backup su NAS, server FTP/SSH o dischi esterni. Exiland Backup supporta quattro tipi di backup: completo, differenziale, incrementale e sincronizzazione delle cartelle. Il programma è piccolo e veloce e richiede solo un po' di risorse di sistema. È una soluzione di backup ideale per il tuo lavoro o per uso personale.Nota: il programma viene pre-registrato e NON richiede alcuna registrazione aggiuntiva!

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Requisiti di Sistema:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10; 128 MB RAM; 16 MB free disk space; screen 800x600


Exiland Software



Dimensione File:

11.7 MB

Licence details:

Lifetime with no free updates



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Top English commenti

Since this GOTD needs to be installed today, if my computer crashes next month, how do I reinstall this software?

Fred  –  2 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+6)

Fred, If you have a device to clone drives and then make a cloned drive, it will save you hours of time of all reinstalling all your programs and they will all work, even the GiveawayOfTheDay ones. There is a little initial expense in this, but the time saved is well worth it. I also suggest everyone save all data files and working files, pictures etc. in your "documents" and keep a back up on a flash/thumb drive. Then when you reinstall your hard drive image from the clone, you can just add those documents, and you are ready to go. This prevents you from ever paying ransom for ransomeware. Awesome!

Ron Krueger  –  2 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+9)

Make sure you have two folders 'My Documents', 1 on an external SDD/memory stick and 1 'My Documents' on the PC/laptop that only serves as temporary storage. Then you never have to make backups.

Frank Uris  –  2 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (-4)

kalmly, 2 years ago, Windows 7 crashed, Windows 7 said, make backup, it was too late. Windows Backup could not make a backup. But my own files were on a 64 MB memory stick, also my MP3 files. My movie files were on an external 1.5 HD in a docking station. So, most of my documents I still had. Driven to Aldi, there were happen to be a Windows 10 PC on offer. One push of the on / off button and everything was on it. First that 90 days removed valid virus scanner and let Windows Defender work. My own 12 programs were later set up, problem solved!

Frank Uris  –  2 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+7)

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