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CBackup Premium + 7 more utilities for FREE Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — CBackup Premium + 7 more utilities for FREE

Servizio di backup su cloud online con archiviazione di backup scalabile!
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CBackup Premium + 7 more utilities for FREE era disponibile come app gratuita il 27 agosto 2022!

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Clona HDD, SSD, unità flash USB, scheda di memoria o altro dispositivo di archiviazione.

Nota: l'archivio del programma include solo il file readme con le istruzioni per il download! Vieni a ricevere gratuitamente CBackup e altre 7 utilità per aiutare a imparare e insegnare meglio quando torni a scuola. CBackup è un servizio di backup cloud online con archiviazione di backup scalabile: traffico dati illimitato per trasferire e sincronizzare file tra cloud. Migrazione di tesi o presentazioni di valore dai PC ai cloud per il backup. 5 TB di spazio cloud sicuro per archiviare tutti i file di apprendimento e insegnamento. Altre utilità gratuite includono: - AnyViewer Professional; - KeepSolid VPN illimitato; - Password appiccicosa Premium; - DoYourData Uninstaller Pro; - Affari dell'editor video FlexClip; - Downloader video Allavsoft; - Franzis Foto facile.

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Is the program Lifetime?

Finn Andersen  –  3 months ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+39)

Finn Andersen, I don't know if it is or if it isn't, BUT, if you click on the "avatar" on the left, you'll see an expiration date of: 2022-11-27

Tosh  –  3 months ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+6)

How do I access the " 7 more utilities for free"? I have downloaded the main program but cannot find a path to the free 7.


P Watts  –  3 months ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+13)

P Watts,
Pl go through the read me file. In the file they have shared the link to sign up for CBackup Premium Account.
On the same page down below, they have provided download links to 8 utilities. You will have to download each of these separately and follow the instructions to register each of them individually.

Hope this helps.

MPR  –  3 months ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+21)

I noted that the "premium for free" offer page says

- 5TB secure cloud space to store all learning and teaching files.
- Enjoy the most premium plan for free for 3 months.

So from my reading of this is that you can enjoy the 5TB premium edition for 3 months - you should take this into consideration before you start loading....though I guess the utilities might be of use to some; I didn't try any of those to see if they were time-based installations as well.....

I opted to try out the truly FREE service, sans any utilities, and 10G storage, which isn't much in this day and age, so you're probably not going to use this for huge photo/video storage. It's also not targeted for sharing/collaboration, so Onedrive, Googledrive are better options if that's your need - this is strictly backup/restore. BUT the core feature is about integrating other cloud storage you are already using, and using this product as backup for those data sources, which is a neat idea.

I installed the desktop app and did some basic backup / restore tests. Speed were fine for the test batch I did (about half a Gig). I tested the scheduler so you can set regular background backups, which works fine. The app itself is fine, clean, simple, a little odd in some design features. I struggled initially to find "Restore", as it's tucked away in drop down menus. I understand why they've done it - for every backup "Task", you have a Restore option, as opposed to a general "Restore" main menu option where you search through a list of backups that you want to restore. But you need to think of this product as true "Backup" tool, not an online data management tool. That said, on each Task, it would be really nice to have a clear "Restore" button visible and not hidden away.

If you've got some regular files that you want to make sure you've got "peace of mind" regular backups over and above what you might normally do for backups, then this might be really useful.

Another thing to be aware of - it emulates your storage structure, which you'd expect for a backup product. You can't create your own folder structures and do online data move/copy etc - that's not really it's purpose. Again, bountiful other cloud offerings allow that kind of thing. You do get the option of restoring to your original structure, or choose an alternative, which is a nice capability. You can restore individual files or folders - you get to select off the tree structure for each backup instance you've created. You can also go back "Versions" of the same backed up files.

I've decided to use this for backing up for spreadsheet logs, lecture notes, and a few other bits and pieces that I maintain on a regular basis that would distress me no end if I lost them if something happened to my local backup storage solution. 5 Gig for free is more than ample for this purpose.

Cbackup offers browser capability in addition to the app; I had no trouble finding backups and downloading particular files. This is handy if you need to access files away from your fixed base, if you still live in the dark ages of PC boxes like I do :)

Again, I had no trouble logging in via the browser on my Android phone and downloading a file. I couldn't see a dedicated app on Playstore but the browser was fine; not envisaging doing a lot of downloading anyway.

Finally, you can opt for email notifications of the outcomes (success/failure) of scheduled backups, so you can check if everything goes well - nice.

Overall - not sure if the "Premium" for free really fits in the scope of GOTD, but the Free product, as is, I find commendable as a simple cloud-based backup/restore function. Others may find the "integrating" of multiple cloud stores even more compelling.

Gurnley  –  3 months ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+8)

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