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Capture Boss 3.2.3 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Capture Boss 3.2.3

Capture Boss registra qualsiasi video e audio sul tuo computer.
$39.95 SCADUTA
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Capture Boss 3.2.3 era disponibile come app gratuita il 04 settembre 2021!

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A handy tool for making animated gifs from video files.

Se si può vedere o sentire si può prendere una copia di alta qualità di esso con Capture Boss.

Capture Boss è un software di acquisizione e modifica audio. Capture Boss è un software di registrazione audio in grado di registrare qualsiasi dispositivo installato sul sistema. Dopo aver registrato l'audio è possibile utilizzare lo splitter audio, audio joiner, e trimmer audio che viene fornito con l'editor audio mp3 build-tin.

Capture Boss è un videoregistratore per pc in grado di registrare lo schermo del desktop in alta qualità. Capture Boss software di registrazione dello schermo registra direttamente in MP4, WMV e AVI. Puoi dividere, tagliare, unire e convertire video con l'editor video integrato di Capture Boss.

Capture Boss si collega a tutti i dispositivi video installati sul sistema, tra cui webcam, scheda TV, videocamera, DVR. Capture Boss è perfetto per registrare video da dispositivi e può timbrare tutti i video registrati.

Capture Boss funziona con profilo slot, in modo da non dover configurare un compito due volte, e si può avere tutte le attività registrate uno scatto di distanza.

Capture Boss è in grado di inviare file multimediali tramite e-mail e caricare file tramite FTP.

Caratteristiche principali:

1. Acquisizione audio e software di editing. Formati supportati: MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, CAF, e altro ancora
2. Videoregistratore schermo per pc. Formati supportati: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MPG, e altro ancora
3. Registra video riprodotti all'interno di siti web.
4. Record narrato tutorial.
5. Registra messaggi vocali.
6. Cambiare i profili con un solo clic.
7. Dividere, tagliare, unire, copiare, incollare, tagliare, applicare 20+ effetti pro, e convertire l'audio registrato. 12 + formati.
8. Dividere, tagliare, unire, copiare, incollare, tagliare e convertire video registrati. 10 + formati.
9. E-mail i file registrati, o caricarli via FTP.

Caratteristiche extra:

1. Profilo slot, mai configurare un compito due volte, e li hanno sempre uno scatto di distanza.
2. Procedura guidata per impostare una nuova attività passo dopo passo.
3. Procedura guidata per impostare il formato di registrazione.

Capture Boss registra qualsiasi cosa in alta qualità e puoi modificarla e convertirla!

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Requisiti di Sistema:

Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Media Center/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10





Dimensione File:

7 MB

Licence details:




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Developed by PhotoInstrument
Developed by Andrew Zhezherun
Developed by Zoner, Inc.
Developed by Vectorian Inc.

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Cannot understand the laziness of thumbs down or up people! If you leave either one, leave a comment!

keith  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+50)

Record video from the screen, but without sound.
It is not possible to record video with sound from sites like YouTube / Facebook, etc.
I removed

Raanan  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+29)

(This is a criticism, but not a negative review of the product.)

Developer's website is a mess. The majority of pages go nowhere. Error msg says "Link no longer valid." Purchase pages included. If I had not been using these programs for MANY years, with high satisfaction, I'd be more highly suspicious than I am, due to all the non-working pages at the website. If the developer is around for this promotion, it might help if a explanation why the pages are not working could be offered.

What I'm trying to access is a better idea of when each program was last updated. And a fuller comparison of how each program measures up against the others. I was also trying to download a demo to try it using my own system setup. (If anyone here does have a good understanding of the version history for the 1AVcenter, It would be appreciated. Or if this company is no longer actively working on the program, that info would also be helpful. Based on my experience in the past, it would still be worth the 10$ if the program has been improved much since I last used it many years ago. I no longer have it installed, so I can't even see what the version was. A look through a decades long email search fails to turn up the original purchase data, but I'm not looking for a "free" copy, but rather any "What's New" info about the latest version.)


Louis Hazard  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+27)

Never mind, can't get the setup file to connect to the server. Not worth anymore time. Did see where this was a problem with the server side during the last promo for 1avcenter here on GOTD this past summer. Also found a demo file for 1AVcenter (latest version) that will not connect to the server as well. (Not related to GOTD) For those wondering, I turned off things that might be interfering, but everything else I am trying to reach, other than this promotion, is working fine. I could still be doing something on my end that is the problem, so if anyone is able to complete installing this promotion, please let me know. Thanks.

Louis Hazard  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+18)

I tried to record a YouTube video from my browser (astronaut Chris Hadfield singing "Space Oddity" FROM SPACE), and Capture Boss said it couldn't record the sound.

Corylea  –  Last month  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+19)

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