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Abylon APP-BLOCKER 2013.2 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Abylon APP-BLOCKER 2013.2

Abylon APP-BLOCKER blocks unnecessary applications and services with just one click!
$28.36 SCADUTA
User Rating: 263 (31%) 596 (69%) 2 commenti

Abylon APP-BLOCKER 2013.2 era disponibile come app gratuita il 06 agosto 2013!

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Solo un cercatore di file duplicato più veloce con risultati accurati al 100% che amerai!

Dopo l'avvio di Windows, il computer esegue automaticamente molte applicazioni. Il più delle volte, questi processi non sono visibili all'utente. Molte applicazioni monitorano il computer, controllano gli aggiornamenti ed eseguono periodicamente delle operazioni senza che le persone se ne accorgano. Qualsiasi applicazione avviata richiede della potenza di calcolo, della memoria, e così il computer rallenta. APP-Blocker di Abylon risolve questi problema mostrando tutte le applicazioni in esecuzione in maniera chiara tramite una vista ad albero, comprendendo tutte le voci del menu di avvio e del registro di sistema. Basta un clic per disattivare o rimuovere un'applicazione dall'avvio automatico in maniera permanente.

Funzioni principali:

  • Rimozione permanente delle voci di esecuzione automatica dal menu Start.
  • Rimozione permanente delle voci Run, RunOnce, RunOnceEx dal Registro di sistema.
  • Soppressione permanente dei programmi (elenco Task).
  • Blocco permanente o rimozione di servizi.
  • Supporto di sistemi operativi x32 ed x64.
  • Supporto a 'Utente connesso' e 'Tutti gli utenti'.

The current text is the result of machine translation. You can help us improve it.

Requisiti di Sistema:

XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x32/64)





Dimensione File:

28.1 MB



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Developed by Informer Technologies, Inc.
Developed by Disc Soft Ltd.
Developed by 3DP
Developed by Baidu, Inc.

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il programma non si riesce a registrare!!!
Nelle istruzioni di registrazione c'e' scritto di copiare il file "INI-File" in
- C:\Program Files\abylonsoft\App-Blocker.
Peccato che la cartella in program files non esiste!
ho provato a copiarlo nella cartella d'installazione anche se sapevo gia che non avrebbe avuto esito positivo.
Ora la mia domanda e': come si fa ad attivare sto software?
perche non mettono una semplice chiave di licenza per l'attivazione?
Il mio sistema operativo e' un Windows 7 ultimate x64,ma l'ho provato su windows 8 pro x64 ed e' la stessa cosa.
Visto cheil programma supporta sia x86 che x64 non capisco dove sia il problema.
se qualcuno sa cosa fare,accetto qualsiasi idea,se no,al massimo lo disinstallo.

Rispondi   |   alex19100  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)

Questo software è merda!

Se si capisce l'inglese, vi consigliamo di leggere questa recensione:


Le ultime parole del recensione di cui sopra: "Il mio consiglio? Salva il tuo tempo e fatica, e stare lontano da questo programma."

Si prega giudicate voi stessi!

Rispondi   |   il Fantasma  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (0)
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Top English commenti

Unlike other users here I didn't find this utility so bad, since it groups any running app in order to give you the ability to select those processes necessary for system startup and those belonging to the "RunOnce" list in the system Registry.

So for what it does it deserves a THUMBS UP!

But 28 BUCKS? Come on...LOL...the developer of this GAOTD probably lives on another planet and is totally unaware of the existence of many FREEWARE alternatives out there which do the same thing and even more for FREE...


First of all, if you use the awesome FREE PC Tuneup utility "Toolwiz Care" you don't need a program like this, because Toolwiz Care already sports an amazing startup module showing you even how many second each process takes to load (and it also gives you the ability to disable or even delay any app at startup).


If your main goal is to permanently block any kind of unwanted processes staring at Windows boot, besides the award-winning "WinPatrol", you may also use the freeware "N-Shield" for that:


But if you are eager to use more sophisticated apps to manage your Windows Startup processes & services for FREE, no problem:

http://www.smartpcutilities.com/startupmaster.html (==> great FREE app)

Not happy yet? Try this FREE GEM (warning: only suitable for SUPERGEEKS...are you?):


There is also a great FREE & PORTABLE tool called "SYSTEM SECURITY GUARD", which helps you keep your system safe by checking any processes, modules and files running in your system through a massive cloud-based file security database:


Besides that, to perform an automatic threat analysis of a whatsoever Windows Service with an integrated online Virus/Malware scan, in order to detect the presence of any possible malicious rootkit services hidden behind legitimate running services, also try this FREE GEM (to do that it uses a sophisticated heuristic analysis and other advanced anti-rootkit techniques like the "Bypass Hook" method):


28 bucks?? ==> LOL <== !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Giovanni (Super Prince &amp; King of Freebies  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+254)

Got to use this program one time before and while it does what it's engineered for, there is a bit of irony in the fact that it actually adds to your boot time since it's running at boot along with everything else.

Also, it's a bit intrusive since it loads as a full window at boot.

In the end analysis, yes it does what it states but also exacerbates the problem at the same time.

arturo fuentes  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+161)

*Startup manager + process blocker in one
*Also works with services

*Cannot delay startup programs or proccesses
*Has a terrible interface
*Cannot be minimized to system tray

Free Alternatives
Task Blocker (block processes and programs)
Autoruns (startup manager)
WinPatrol (delay startup programs and more)

Final Verdict
Click here for final verdict and full review

Ashraf  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+148)

This can easily be done without any software by doing the following:
Press both the Windows key and the R keyAfter the Run window pops up type in msconfig and press okNow click on the tab labeled Start-up
A list should appear of all the programs which start when you start up your computer. Now just find which programs you don't want to start up and remove them from that list by deselecting the box next to it.

If you'd like your computer to never slow down, then switch to a Free as in Freedom OS which is completely controlled by the user unlike the proprietary Windows and Mac OS. Try switching to a free GNU/Linux Distro like gNewSense for the full free as in freedom experience. Or if you're just looking to speed things up and maybe not very good with computers, try out an easier to manage distro like Kubuntu which is 100% FREE like almost every other GNU/Linux distro out there!

Juan  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+67)

msconfig and CCleaner suffice. And are safer to use.

gergn  –  7 years ago  –  Ritieni questo commento utile?  | no (+59)

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